Acid/Fume Scrubber

For Scrubbing Technology, You Can't Top Tri-Mer Corporation

We can assist you in selecting and installing the Tri-Mer scrubber products.

Tri-Mer CCS - Cloud Chamber Scrubber controls submicron particulate, including smoke, and offers performance superior to high-energy venturis, diffusion candles, and electrostatic precipitators.  CCS eliminates particulate down to 0.1 microns at high efficiencies, with low energy consumption.  CCS is highly effective as a Tail Gas Scrubber for foundries, and is an economical way for foundries and steel mills to meet new clean air regulations.  CCS is an excellent, lower cost alternative to electrostatic precipitators when particulate is suspended in high-temperature gas streams.

Tri-Mer Whirl / Wet is a wet  dust collector which competes with baghouses for many applications.  Highly effective for particulate over 5 microns; used for air pollution control by users of powdered materials including foods, chemicals, metal products, and stone.  Pilot plants are available.  Tri-Mer also offers Pulse Jet, Cyclone, and Venturi dust collectors for applications such as wood dusts.

Tri-Mer C/F Series acid scrubber/fume scrubbers, and Fan / Separator systems meet the air pollution control needs of electronics manufacturers, metal finishers, and battery manufacturers.

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