Some of Our Customers

Some Of Our Customers

With over two decades of providing polution control solutions to industry, REXON Associates Inc. has built an experience base that is difficult to match.  With each project, we apply individual attention to detail and make certain our customer is getting the best solution possible for their situation.  We are pleased to present this partial list of satisfied customers.

Acquired Technology     
Advanced Circuits      
Albany Air Conditioning      
All South Refrigeration Company    
Appalachian State University     
Ashland Chemical Company     
Astrall Products       
BHW Sheetmetal      
Bechaert Steel Corporation     
Bickerstaff Brick Company     
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company    
Burgess Pigment       
Campbell Soup Company     
Central Bi-Products Company     
Champion International      
Champion Paper      
Chemical Products      
Cherokee Brick Company     
Columbus Foundry      
Color Image       
Consolidated Engineering Company    
Crawford Long Hospital      
Crayex, Inc.       
Daniel Construction Company
Dow Chemical
DRAVO Engineering Company
Elberta Crate
Electric Control Corporation
ESI of Tennessee
Federal Paper
Flowers Bakery
Food Engineering Services
Ford Motor Company
GAF Corporation
General Mills
General Motors Corporation
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Great Southern Paper
Grinnell Corporation
Hanover Wire Company
HC Brill
Helena Chemical Company
Hixon Corporation
IMS Gear
Image Carpet
INA Bearing
International Paper Company
Interstate Paper
J.M. Huber Corporation
Jefferson Smurfit
Kendall Products

Kennedy Engineering Company
Kerr-McGee Chemical Company
LCP Chemical Company
Lockheed Martin
Lockwood-Green Engineers
Louisiana Pacific Corporation
Mallory & Evans
Marine Corps Logistics
Martin Brick Company
Nut-Tree Pecan Company
ONCO Industries
Parent & Kirkbride
Parson Whitamore
Poly One
Polymer Valley
R.F. Knox Company
Ray-Paul Mfg.
Rome Package Products
Sanwa Foods
Sara Lee-Haynes
SCM Metal Products
Sonoco Products
Southeast Paper Company
Southern Porcelain
Southern Machine Tool
Springs Industries
Steel Heddle Company
Stone Container Corporation
Sweetheart Cup
Temple Inland
Tennessee Aluminum Corporation
Thomson Oak Flooring
Toto Industries
Tredegar Industries
Martin Brick Company
Turbine Support
UBC Radcure
United Defense
Union Camp Corporation
University of Georgia
Vinnings Industries
Weyerhaueser Corporation
Woodbridge Foam
Yates Construction Company

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