Media Collectors

United Air Specialists (UAS)

UAS is at the heart of our diversified product line, offering the industry’s most advanced modular designs. All of their equipment is continuous duty, self-cleaning, and maintenance friendly. UAS finishes their equipment with top quality industrial paint.


BDC Series Compact Dust Collectors

The compact, self-cleaning BDC Series, dust collector, has an advanced system that utilizes a pulse-jet cleaning system that effectively "pulse-off" the captured dust and cleans the filter while the system stays on-line.

VCC Series Free Standing Dust Collectors

The light-duty VCC Series and heavy-duty F Series provide effective solutions to collecting coolant smoke or oil mist vapors. These unique systems are engineered to collect virtually 100% of pollutants generated from metal finishing and forming processes. They are ideal for all ducted applications where capturing contaminants is necessary.

Ceiling/Wall Mount Dust Collectors

DA ModelDA, DB, DBM Models are a simple and economical solution for capturing harmful contaminants. These multi-purpose units utilize high-efficiency filters that are ideal for removing smoke, dust or oil mist from a facility.

PCT Series Portable Dust Collectors

With use of a swing arm, the PCT Series effectively captures smoke, fumes and dust from industrial manufacturing operations that omit harmful pollutants. With its lightweight, compact cabinet, and its industrial-grade casters that make it easy to move, this versatile system can be positioned directly over the source of pollutants.
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