Ceiling/Wall Mount

Industrial Air Pollution Control



Effectively Removes Harmful Pollutants A Simple, Economical Solution for Capturing Harmful Contaminants.

DA, DB and DBM models are air cleaning systems with high-efficiency filters ideal for removing smoke, dust, powders, oil mist and other pollutants generated by industrial operations such as offset printing, grinding, sanding and powder-handling from plant air.

These systems offer many benefits of a clean working environment including:

  • Improved air quality and comfort in the workplace.
  • Savings up to 89% on energy costs by cleaning and recirculating heated or cooled air.
  • Decreased housekeeping and maintenance costs.
  • Protection of employees' health.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved product quality/cleanliness and machine performance.
  • Compliance with federal OSHA, state and local health clean air safety standards.


DA, DB and DBM models can be used in many applications including: Abrasive cut-off sawing, Carbon black, Cast iron machining, Drilling, Welding, Dry chemicals, Graphic dust, Grinding, Lint, Offset powder, Oil Mist, Painting, Paper dust, Pharmaceutical powders, Spices and Wood dust. The DA Series offers effective collection for unducted applications, while the DB Series (heavy-duty) and DBM Series (light-duty) are used for ducted applications.


These units operate on a two- or three-stage concept of media filtration. Air enters the unit and first passes through the prefilter (stage 1) where larger particles are collected. Next, air is drawn through the primary filter section (stage 2) for capture of small particulate. An afterfilter (stage 3) may also be used for added safety before the cleaned air is recirculated into the room.
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