Central System

Industrial Air Pollution Control



PSH Series Industrial Air Cleaners – One Size Doesn't Fit All

Since no single air cleaning technique is able to control every industrial emissions problem, the engineers at United Air Specialists (UAS) developed the Smog-HogŪ PSH Series.

This modular system can be constructed in a variety of sizes to fit your company’s specific dimensional and application needs. PSH units can be installed indoors or outside a facility, and use a combination of filtering processes to pre-condition and clean even the most polluted airstreams.


Developed specifically to collect heat-generated organic vapors and particulate, Smog-Hog PSH systems control hazardous emissions that pose a threat to our environment and possibly to your business. These units are ideal for companies that need a customized engineered solution for tough emissions from asphalts, industrial cooking, plasticizers, manufacturing processes, textiles and rubber.

Configured To Your Needs

Smog-Hog PSH systems offer the unique flexibility to accommodate any air volume or building parameter, including areas where traditional exhaust configurations are impractical. A UAS Representative can assist you in selecting the right system for your facility. Before recommending a unit, the Rep will carefully evaluate pre-cooling, heat recovery, odor control and other criteria in your plant. Then, a PSH mist collector is created specifically to match your company’s requirements.

In addition to the basic PSH unit, which includes the Cabinet, Power Pack, Ionizers and Collection Cells, an assortment of airstream conditioning equipment is available to complement the central system.
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