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Industrial Air Pollution Control




As the most effective Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Collector on the market, no other ESP unit can match the SG / SHN Series for efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings for the collection of oil smoke and coolant mist. For more than 35 years, UAS has led the way in electrostatic precipitator technology.

What You Can't See CAN Hurt You!

Only electrostatic precipitation removes microscopic oil smoke and coolant mist particles that pose a serious hazard to employee health.

These units remove dangerous contaminants that can cause respiratory problems and create safety and maintenance concerns as particles settle on expensive machinery, work surfaces and finished products -- a situation that can cost you increased absenteeism, workers' compensation claims and OSHA compliance violations.

Many Options, Only One Real Choice

SHN/SG Mist Collectors are at work worldwide, capturing hazardous particles generated by milling, grinding, turning, cold heading and other industrial processes. Other benefits include:

  • Highest efficiency removal of the widest range of particle sizes
  • Easily cleaned, reusable ESP collection components eliminate the need for filter replacement and disposal
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less frequent maintenance is required as collected liquid coalesces and drains off aluminum ESP collection components
  • Maintains consistent airflow at all times
  • Collection of oils and coolants for reuse
  • Highly effective collection of both oil and water-based coolants
  • Flexible intake configurations for general area or source capture
  • Twenty-two different mist collection models -- including portable units -- to accommodate all of your application needs
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