Rexon Associates Inc., An Established Leader

Since 1982 we've provided expert Industrial and Commercial Pollution Control Solutions to a variety of clients. We have been partnering with proven brands and technologies preferred by Engineers, Architects, Pollution Control Specialists, and Procurement Specialists throughout the Southeastern United States. Our strengths include:
  • Industry Knowledge and Experience
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Quality Equipment
  • Optimized Solutions and Technology
  • Competitive Pricing

Product Application Is Our Specialty

Our core focus is in Product Application. We also offer installation services to assure single source management of all projects. We represent a large variety of products involving various applications including:
  • In-Plant Air Quality Purification and Management
  • Industrial Air and Water Pollution Control Systems
  • Air And Gas Moving and Conditioning Equipment
  • Sound Attenuation and Noise Control
  • VOC Control
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory Nuclear Medicine

Experienced Consulting

By utilizing our experience to choose the correct products for your application, the tangible benefits to your company include:
  • Savings In Money
  • Savings In People
  • Savings In Energy
  • Savings In Maintenance Of Machinery And Facilities
  • Savings In Insurance Cost
A clean working environment pays dividends through a more productive work force.

Our Mission:

To provide the best equipment to industry for air and water quality solutions using the most cost-effective technology for emission compliance and in-plant air quality

Review Our Product Line

The menu at left leads directly to each of our product lines. Check them carefully and you will the find the best there is to offer in each category. Then give us a call. Or, use our Information Request form to obtain more detailed information and assistance. We look forward to working with you!

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